Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas everyone

Merry Christmas to all my lovely followers.

Stayed tuned for some festive photos coming your way...........

KnittyNora xx

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Mince pies and the snuffles

After a four week break from climbing (thanks to my silly sprained ankle) I was happy to be making the most of getting out and about in the great outdoors this weekend.

A Friday night climb and a day on the fells yesterday was all I could manage thanks to a stinking cold :(
Working with kids is always going to bring the risk of coughs and colds and this week it's my turn to suffer.
So today I'm mostly sleeping, watching movies and drinking tea.

After a little snooze I was feeling up to a bit of washing up and some simple pastry making. Let's just say my need for a gluten free mince pie managed to out weigh my aches and pains. Feed a cold is definitely my motto :)

I also thought I might give you a sneak peek of my new jumper since I haven't quite got the energy for finishing it today. I cannot wait to wear this....looking very cosy already.

Speak soon,

KnittyNora xxx

Saturday, 8 December 2012

KnittyNora returns!

Well hello there everyone!

It sure has been a while since my last post. I won't bore you with the details but let's just say I've been BUSY! Back to climbing yesterday after four weeks off thanks to a sprained ankle, I'm starting to feel a bit like my old self :)

I'm glad to say that I managed to fit in some knitting during the last few weeks. The beautiful green cable knit number I was planning is nearly complete and is looking fab. Cannot wait to wear it, especially since the weather is growing more wintry by the day.

I'm off on another winter outing's a little taster of what I've got to look forward to.

See you when I get back :)

KnittyNora xx

Monday, 12 November 2012

Hello....remember me?

Well hello there, my lovely followers....

.....I am back! :)

With the beginning of a new half-term and various outings to the climbing wall, I've been super busy. I have some not so good news.......I badly sprained my ankle on Saturday. I fell from a climbing wall and spent my Saturday evening in casualty. I was so relieved when they told me it wasn't broken. That would not have been good.

So, this gives me a good excuse to rest my poor ankle when I'm not at work. Perfect for making and creating!

I made (with the help of my lovely friend 'S') a beautiful bag last week. I've been meaning to sort out the sewing machine I was given by my mum-in-law for ages. I thought that I was just being silly but after comparing it with with friend's machine I realised that a) I can sew(!) and b) older machines can be a bit fiddly.

Thanks to S I managed to finish a project I'd had in mind for a while. It was lovely to sit and natter with a glass of wine and a tasty bowl of spicy bacon and lentil soup (homemade by S) whilst dreaming up lots of lovely projects.

Here is a photo of my bag.......

and also the necklace I managed to complete whilst resting my foot and watching my friends climb.........

Nice little close up :)

I'm still busy making my lovely jumper. Not quite finished the front panel yet but hoping to make some progress with that this week whilst the husband is out playing mountain goat.

Stay tuned for some more of my creations and some beautiful outdoor pics :)

KnittyNora xxx

p.s. here's a little peek at the tasty gluten free flapjack I made last week.....nom!

Monday, 29 October 2012

Happy half-term!

After a very long and busy half-term, I'm glad to say the half-term holiday is here. I love my job but I also need a little rest once in a while :)

Making the most of this time off is so important. Hope of a little trip to Wales is now off the cards thanks to the poor weather so I'm making the most of the beautiful hills on my doorstep and taking every opportunity to get out during breaks in the weather.

Here are a few pics of my scrambling trip on Saturday....unfortunately my camera died after the first couple of pictures.... :(

Up at 7am this morning and making the most of this early start to catch up on my blog, facebook page and making plans...

Thanks to the Cath Kidston booklet I came across recently I now have a new jewellery project to work on. Stay posted for pictures :)

Lots of love,

KnittyNora xx

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Especially for you!

This blog is dedicated to my friend Caroline.........

Despite distance and despite time, true friends are the ones that are always there for you. Those people that, no matter how long ago you last saw them, you feel like you've never been apart.

Monday, 15 October 2012

A new project.....or two!


Sorry, felt I had to shout then :) I have to apologise for being so quiet recently. I've been struggling to find quality time to spend on my blog whilst participating in a photo shoot of my creations, climbing big rocks, being an awesome wife (bear with me!) and trying to keep on top of marking and lesson planning.....oh, and not forgetting sleep!

The 'photo shoot' (trying to make it sound sooooo glamourous) consisted of me posing with my many makes out and about in the fells. My friend (who is an brilliant photographer) has had lots of fun making me pose and look longingly into the distance whilst sporting my chunky knits and jewellery. Lots of fun but a little strange for someone like me who's used to jumping around and wearing outdoor clothes covered in climbing chalk. It was fun none the to follow as soon as I've got them all! :) latest project.......

I've decided to spoil myself. Yes, that's right....ME! :) I love making and creating things for other people, especially when making gifts for loved ones, however, this time round I'm going to focus on something for me. Inspired by my new favourite blog Hot pockets of delight ( I'm goign to make myself a gorgeous jumper for the winter months. I'm thinking cable knit, chunky and blue (I bought some beautiful aran yarn some months back and haven't used it yet).

If you've got any ideas or tips, please feel free to leave comments below. I shall be deciding on a pattern in the next week and posting the design as well as regular updates on my chosen project.

Hope you're keeping well...? I'm just on my lunch break so best log off and get ready for this afternoon.

Much love and craftiness,

KnittyNora xxxx

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Cosy days at home

It's cold outside. It's windy and it's wet. I've decided to hid way in my own little crafty habitat. Surrounded by fabric and yarn and books. And not forgetting the first in the series of Cath Kidston make and sew booklets..... a little treat to myself :)

And here are some pictures of the beautiful fabric I've just purchased to create my own labels for my knitted goods.

Ready to be opened.....

Layers of Japanese cotton

Unravelled and ready for some print practice

Feeling poorly and a little bit sorry for myself, I'm glad to have lots of lovely fabric and creative ideas to keep me company.

I've nearly finished my brand new glove design.....stayed tuned for some pictures of the finished article :)

Much love,

KnittyNora xx

Monday, 24 September 2012

A weekend of sunshine (and back to rain)

I'm very excited.....yes, the sun is shining.....actually SHINING! (calm down) :)

Making the most of the good weather has meant lots of scrambling, climbing and spending quality time with friends in the great outdoors.

I'm just on my way out to do some climbing.....stayed tuned for pictures!

Here's a cute little picture to cheer you all on a Sunday morning......

A very cute hen came to say hello :)
As you will see.....this post was written yesterday. Alas, the weather has taken a dramatic turn (again) and it's been pouring down all day. To top things off I've got a very sore throat and am not feeling my best :(
There appears to be a bit of a bug going around.....I hope you're all keeping well.

I'm enjoying an evening in on my own, catching up with the latest episode of 'Parade's end' and listening to some of my favourite music (currently Pale blue eyes by The Velvet Underground).

I'll be back again soon to tell you all about my latest crafty projects.

KnittyNora xx

Monday, 17 September 2012

Hello from me!

Well hello there, my lovely followers!

I was a bit busy this weekend. Busy scrambling up mountains, baking and knitting lovely warm goodies for the cold nights ahead. I've been back at work now for two weeks and have been trying to keep my work/life balance in check. Being very disciplined is important if I want to ensure I get all of my work finished at school and have some time to myself when I get home. So far, so good! :)

I'm currently working on completing my first pair of knitted mittens. Here's one I made earlier.....

I'm off to enjoy a glass of wine (and to finish my matching mitten) :)

KnittyNora xx

P.s. Geeky gluten-free food alert!

I found some delicious duck sausages in my local Tesco today.... Gressingham duck, honey and apple. They are gluten free and currently on offer at £2 for 6 sausages. Bargain! Especially when they taste so good (just had them for my tea). xx

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Latest creations and a quick 'hello!'

So, hello!

I've had a few days away from my blog. School is keeping me BUSY!

I thought I'd pop by and share a few pictures of my latest creations. Whilst I may be busy with work I can always make time for a bit of knitting (well, for the time being at least).

Here is my lovely new beret (which has already had an outing in the school playground - it's been very wet and cold).

Beret with flower accessory 

I love this colour!
I've also had some fun making some new rings. I managed to stumble across a cute bow pattern and couldn't resist creating a couple of knitted rings. The kids at school love them and I've already had some requests for some for Christmas gifts.

Very chuffed with my latest creation

I'm busy making some baby items for a couple of ladies who are due to give birth very soon. I'm also working on a cushion design for a and info about that to follow soon(ish)!

Hope you're all having a good week.

KnittyNora xxx

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Autumn is here!

Well, well....that was summer, was it?

Now, I don't want to get into a whole post about how pants the weather is up North but would just like to point out that I think the summer forgot the North this year :)

With the arrival of Autumn, I'm in full knitting mode. Any excuse to pick up my knitting needles is good enough for me! You certainly get a few funny looks knitting during the summer months but with the cooler weather setting in it suddenly becomes 'ok' to sit in a coffee shop with all your knitting paraphernalia :)

During a recent trip to Carlisle I picked up some delicious new yarn in a gorgeous green colour and a new cable needle (I LOVE cable knit!). The first thing I used my new yarn for was a cute little lace effect beret. It's so light and soft. Perfect for the beginning of Autumn when your don't want chunky knits that are too warm. Pictures to follow......

I've also been busy making some accessories for the new school term including a 'string' bag, perfect for carrying my lunch.

String bag

And a new black snood, perfect for the chilly mornings.

And a cute little hat for my nephew.....

Ever so sweet baby hat

I'm just about to begin a new scarf with pockets....because we all need pockets! :)

And with the cooler weather I have the perfect excuse to start cooking big, old fashioned style stews. Today I'll think I may even cook a roast (not something we get round to when we're out climbing hills). A day at home with the husband relaxing and watching films is exactly what I need the day before I go back to work after the summer holidays.

Much love and crafty well wishes,

KnittyNora xxxx

p.s. here's a sneaky peek at the pizza I made last week. After much searching and experimentation, I've finally found a gluten-free recipe that works! Yummy... :)

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Garden creations and rainy day makes

With a little bit of sunshine and some old cotton tees you can create magic!

Love heart design drying in the garden - post wash

Newly painted peace symbol

Fresh from the machine and hanging on the line
I love designing my own clothes. These t-shirts are easy to make and you can make up your own designs as you go along. With a little creativity you can create vintage inspired clothing from old bits of clothing hanging around the house.

Alas, the sunshine does not last long up North and therefore my creative journey made it's way back indoors...........add some yarn and let your imagination go wild.

Thoughts of keeping warm and cosy were in mind when I created these....and a little bit of Minnie the minx.

Dennis the Menace inspired wrist warmers

Turquoise fingerless gloves

Stayed tuned for my necklace that was transformed into a belt................

KnittyNora xxx

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Thursday, 9 August 2012

A taste of Summer

Well, yesterday that lovely yellow orb in the sky decided to shine....all day long!

Making the most of the sun and heat is very important, especially when you enjoy climbing. And so, with the sun in the sky, we packed up our climbing kit and snacks and headed for the hills.

Here are a few pics of my lovely day out........

Off to celebrate the Husband's birthday. Have a good day folks! xxxxx

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Still searching for treasure....

Hi all! Just a quick update......

I've been busy climbing, crafting and attending a wedding over the past week....keep posted for photographic evidence!

My little craft room is full of fabric, yarn and buttons. So many ideas for creations but just never enough hours in the day :) I'm busy creating some more jewellery for my Etsy store at the moment. Knitted jewellery has become a bit of an obsession of late. It's so cosy and comfy to wear and has gained many admirers (always nice).

The sun is shining (at the mo) so I'm getting ready to do some more climbing..... pics of which will follow.

Here's where I went scrambling on Tuesday....anyone know where this is?! :)

KnittyNora xxx

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Look what I found..... one of my treasure hunt and here's what I've found so far....

A hand knit ring.......
Super chunky and super cute bangles

Plenty more treasures to find so best carry on....stayed tuned for more!

KnittyNora xx

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Going on a creative journey......

It's officially the Summer holidays (although the sun seems to have forgotten me).....

I'm off to my spare room to explore my crafty treasures. I've been collecting all manner of creative items over the past few weeks and months and now that the holidays are here I have some time to go and make stuff - hooray!

With so much fabric and so many crafty plans, where is a girl to begin...?!

Please stop by again soon....I shall be leaving some clues and a little treasure map for you to follow.

Much love,

KnittyNora xxxx

Dreaming of the sunshine so that I can go out and play again....

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

As promised.......

As promised, here is a link to my friend's facebook page:

Here you'll find examples of his work which will soon be on display in his brand new studio.

Here's a picture of the little ring I made this evening - well, a girl's got to keep herself busy whilst the husband is watching Tour de France :)

Triple ring with bow detail

KnittyNora xxx

Hello, Summer......are you there?!

As I sit surrounded by fog and rain I wonder when the sun might come out to play.

My summer holidays begin tomorrow. I'm totally shattered and very much looking forward to spending lots of time creating and making beautiful things and most importantly, getting some well deserved me time.

This summer brings with it lots of exciting events....a friend's wedding (for which I'm Chief Bridesmaid), a visit from close friends, a wedding anniversary and birthday celebrations. So much to look forward to. I really hope I manage to fit it all in.....

There is also an exciting project/development on the horizon. A friend of mine is creating their very own studio to display and sell their beautiful photographs. I'm sure you will all love his work (keep your eyes open for an exclusive peek inside the studio!). He has kindly offered some space to both little old me and my husband (the outdoor explorer). I'm very excited about this! I can't wait to go and take a look and to get painting and displaying our creations.

(I'll post some photos a bit later of my latest creations.....necklaces, bangles and all kinds of colourful and fan fanciful things.)

Lots of love and crafty hugs,

KnittyNora xxxx

Sunday, 8 July 2012

I made it to 500!.....and other crafty goings on.

I am pleased to announce that I've managed to reach (and exceed!) my 500 blog views target. It's so good to know that there are lovely people out there reading my ramblings :) 

A week in the life of KnittyNora....

I've been busy making and creating some new jewellery for my Etsy store. I love creating my own patterns. I really enjoy trying out other people's patterns but there's nothing quite like sitting down with your knitting needles and seeing where your mood takes you. 

I've been working on some funky necklace designs and some bangles. A couple of little treats for my niece's birthday will be making there way to her soon. I hope she likes them! :)

Having fun with henna.......

I've always admired traditional henna body art and the beautiful decorations people bestow upon their bodies. Whilst I do not claim to be any kind of expert with henna I thought I'd have a are some pics........

Love heart for my left wrist

Making up a design on my foot....well, I did have some henna left :)
These photos were taken just after the henna was applied....I'm looking forward to seeing what they look like once the top layer has fallen off :)

Wishing you all a wonderfully crafty weekend,

KnittyNora xxx

Monday, 25 June 2012

New creations

As promised, here is a picture of my mittens in progress....well, I've finished one already :)

I've also created a little cape for my graduation bear.......

Very much enjoying making special gifts for friends and family. Now wondering what I can create for my husband's birthday. Did start making these fingerless gloves but decided they'd look a lot better on me :)

Back to the drawing board!

What have you been making? Please pop by and share your creative stories :)

KnittyNora xxx

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Say hello to my new addition.

Please say hello to .........

Graduation Elephant!

I made this for a special commission and have decided to add this beauty to my range of available items. I'm very proud of him and I'm sure my friend will love him too.

In other news......

check out this mug I got as a freebie from Vistaprint! Making my morning brew just that little more cheerful :)

And in a rainy North of England.......

I'm busy knitting myself some cute mittens from a free pattern I found online (I love free stuff!). I can't wait to wear them and show them off. Nothing like homemade clothing to make you feel good.

Here they are in the early stages........

Watch this space!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

KnittyNora xxx