Saturday, 29 September 2012

Cosy days at home

It's cold outside. It's windy and it's wet. I've decided to hid way in my own little crafty habitat. Surrounded by fabric and yarn and books. And not forgetting the first in the series of Cath Kidston make and sew booklets..... a little treat to myself :)

And here are some pictures of the beautiful fabric I've just purchased to create my own labels for my knitted goods.

Ready to be opened.....

Layers of Japanese cotton

Unravelled and ready for some print practice

Feeling poorly and a little bit sorry for myself, I'm glad to have lots of lovely fabric and creative ideas to keep me company.

I've nearly finished my brand new glove design.....stayed tuned for some pictures of the finished article :)

Much love,

KnittyNora xx

Monday, 24 September 2012

A weekend of sunshine (and back to rain)

I'm very excited.....yes, the sun is shining.....actually SHINING! (calm down) :)

Making the most of the good weather has meant lots of scrambling, climbing and spending quality time with friends in the great outdoors.

I'm just on my way out to do some climbing.....stayed tuned for pictures!

Here's a cute little picture to cheer you all on a Sunday morning......

A very cute hen came to say hello :)
As you will see.....this post was written yesterday. Alas, the weather has taken a dramatic turn (again) and it's been pouring down all day. To top things off I've got a very sore throat and am not feeling my best :(
There appears to be a bit of a bug going around.....I hope you're all keeping well.

I'm enjoying an evening in on my own, catching up with the latest episode of 'Parade's end' and listening to some of my favourite music (currently Pale blue eyes by The Velvet Underground).

I'll be back again soon to tell you all about my latest crafty projects.

KnittyNora xx

Monday, 17 September 2012

Hello from me!

Well hello there, my lovely followers!

I was a bit busy this weekend. Busy scrambling up mountains, baking and knitting lovely warm goodies for the cold nights ahead. I've been back at work now for two weeks and have been trying to keep my work/life balance in check. Being very disciplined is important if I want to ensure I get all of my work finished at school and have some time to myself when I get home. So far, so good! :)

I'm currently working on completing my first pair of knitted mittens. Here's one I made earlier.....

I'm off to enjoy a glass of wine (and to finish my matching mitten) :)

KnittyNora xx

P.s. Geeky gluten-free food alert!

I found some delicious duck sausages in my local Tesco today.... Gressingham duck, honey and apple. They are gluten free and currently on offer at £2 for 6 sausages. Bargain! Especially when they taste so good (just had them for my tea). xx

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Latest creations and a quick 'hello!'

So, hello!

I've had a few days away from my blog. School is keeping me BUSY!

I thought I'd pop by and share a few pictures of my latest creations. Whilst I may be busy with work I can always make time for a bit of knitting (well, for the time being at least).

Here is my lovely new beret (which has already had an outing in the school playground - it's been very wet and cold).

Beret with flower accessory 

I love this colour!
I've also had some fun making some new rings. I managed to stumble across a cute bow pattern and couldn't resist creating a couple of knitted rings. The kids at school love them and I've already had some requests for some for Christmas gifts.

Very chuffed with my latest creation

I'm busy making some baby items for a couple of ladies who are due to give birth very soon. I'm also working on a cushion design for a and info about that to follow soon(ish)!

Hope you're all having a good week.

KnittyNora xxx

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Autumn is here!

Well, well....that was summer, was it?

Now, I don't want to get into a whole post about how pants the weather is up North but would just like to point out that I think the summer forgot the North this year :)

With the arrival of Autumn, I'm in full knitting mode. Any excuse to pick up my knitting needles is good enough for me! You certainly get a few funny looks knitting during the summer months but with the cooler weather setting in it suddenly becomes 'ok' to sit in a coffee shop with all your knitting paraphernalia :)

During a recent trip to Carlisle I picked up some delicious new yarn in a gorgeous green colour and a new cable needle (I LOVE cable knit!). The first thing I used my new yarn for was a cute little lace effect beret. It's so light and soft. Perfect for the beginning of Autumn when your don't want chunky knits that are too warm. Pictures to follow......

I've also been busy making some accessories for the new school term including a 'string' bag, perfect for carrying my lunch.

String bag

And a new black snood, perfect for the chilly mornings.

And a cute little hat for my nephew.....

Ever so sweet baby hat

I'm just about to begin a new scarf with pockets....because we all need pockets! :)

And with the cooler weather I have the perfect excuse to start cooking big, old fashioned style stews. Today I'll think I may even cook a roast (not something we get round to when we're out climbing hills). A day at home with the husband relaxing and watching films is exactly what I need the day before I go back to work after the summer holidays.

Much love and crafty well wishes,

KnittyNora xxxx

p.s. here's a sneaky peek at the pizza I made last week. After much searching and experimentation, I've finally found a gluten-free recipe that works! Yummy... :)